Posted: March 22, 2016 in Politics, Religion
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Ich habe lange überlegt, ob ich etwas zu diesem Tag und diesen Taten sagen will, sagen kann. Den ganzen Tag über fehlten…

Posted by Daniel Bröckerhoff on Tuesday, March 22, 2016

I’ve thought a long time about whether I want to say, can say, something about this day and these actions. All day, I was at a loss for words. But then they came after all.

The problem is not religion,
but rather what people make of it.
Every ideology can be abused.
The problem is not the refugees,
but rather what they are fleeing
and why their escape routes are being abused.
Every person has the right
to a secure life.
The problem is not the media,
but rather how we use it.
We can all decide
to pull away
and not let it make us crazy.
The problem is not “the others,”
but rather social systems,
which make people into “others”
and shut them out.
We all want to feel like we belong.
Power-brokers in the background,
who radicalize such people without hesitation
for their goals,
so that they become murderers,
are the problem.
Because every person is born
wishing to live in peace.
Fear of one another,
which these killings are supposed to trigger,
is the problem.
But we can all decide,
not to be afraid.
I am not afraid.


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