Keith Jarrett at the Salle Pleyel

Posted: July 10, 2014 in Music
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Felix Janosa‘s German fans can sum him up in one word: Kabarettist. That translates as “cabaret artist.”  But he’s so much more than that! As the musical half of the team behind the RITTER ROST children’s book/CD series, Janosa has written the music and lyrics for dozens of songs–which are thoughtfully printed right alongside the text and drawings.  (Jörg Hilbert creates the drawings and storylines.)  When Felix Janosa isn’t writing music for children, he’s often listening to music for adults.  He recently described a rather disappointing concert experience on his Facebook page:

(posted 7/5/14)

Yesterday evening something was out of whack.  Namely, Keith Jarrett at the Salle Pleyel in Paris, where my dear wife and I were in the audience of a sold-out house.  After the customary admonitions about coughing that we’ve come to expect from Jarrett, and a total of six complete improvisations as well as two interrupted ones in the first half, the second half began in  markedly elevated fashion:  a Shostakovich-ian toccata, followed by a convincing Jarrett gospel number, and then a very beautiful ballade.  But during the fourth piece (a standard Jarrett-ostinato), when Jarrett again felt he had been distracted by a VERY small cough, he left the hall in a snit after some back and forth with fans and “disruptors.”  Even ten minutes of sustained clapping could not convince the shrinking violet to bring the concert to a fitting conclusion.  The master then came out again, but only to say to the disappointed fans, “I have no more music in me.”  Jarrett departed to the accompaniment of catcalls and real disappointment from many hardcore Jarrett-fans, my humble self included.


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