Weaponizing Your iPhone

Posted: November 21, 2013 in Humor/Satire, Marketing

Paranoia is a hallowed tradition in my country, and the industry that it feeds is always coming up with new ways to exploit it.  Our friends overseas get a kick out of the whole process, as you will no doubt notice in this post from the Blog Rebels:


martONE on Thursday, November 21, 2013, 3:31 PM

Yellow Jacket stun gun phone accessory

Smartphones can do it all:  mailing, googling, snapping pictures, surfing, tweeting, organizing, paying for things, finding things and making calls.  But now smartphones have found their first real assignment:  doling out electric shocks and pepper spray!

What sounds like nonsense is, unfortunately, reality.  Various manufacturers are offering the “Stun Gun for Smartphones,” which can be installed very easily as a cover or attachment.

The manufacturers advertise, naturally, that women who carry it can feel securererer now.  They’d also have their smartphones close at hand no matter what.  “Protect your life and your smartphone,” basically.  And:  when you buy the product from the market leader in the family package, you can really save money.

Anyone who finds that too difficult can just dial it back a notch.  There’s a manufacturer that has specialized in pepper spray attachments for smartphones.  Within a few seconds, it enables you to change your beloved mobile phone into a veritable weapon.  Great, no?

The video commercial leaves no question of where this creative genius comes from:  the old American right of self-defense does not stop at the cell phone.  Bang bang.



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